Run, sneak, scheme, succeed!

Work together to uncover secrets, crack cryptic clues, and outwit or outrun patrols in this high-energy immersive experience! Citydash is a scavenger hunt crossed with hide-and-seek, played in more than a dozen cities around the world.

Duration 60 mins
Location Various zones across London

Crack Clues, Avoid Patrols!

Up to a hundred players meet up in a pub and our crew help you get into teams, pick up your map, and pin on your player IDs. Then we'll lead you into the game zone for a briefing, and blow the whistle to send you all off at once.

Now you've got an hour to score as many points as you can. Find checkpoints by looking at our web app on your phone to see the latest hints, get there, and look for the hidden code. Type it in to move up the live scoreboard!

But at the same time, watch out for our patrolling guards. They don't need to catch you - they only need to see you, so you'd better hope that someone on your team is keeping a lookout!

Every zone is unique, but in all of them you'll have to outsmart, outmaneouvre, or outrun enemy agents. Some are fast, some are clever, and some are both. Work with your team to decide your strategy and try to end up top of the leaderboard!

After an hour we all head back to the pub to swap stories, award prizes and have a well-earned drink.

Team adventure! Bring a group and work together or go head-to-head on the live scoreboard.
Incoming! Citydash patrols in bright orange will steal your score if they can get close enough to read your code.

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